Why Labour Maxx?

Proudly Canadian owned and operated we provide first class labour to the Canadian public .Too busy, tired or just don’t want to do the work yourself? Quick call Labour Maxx the labour specialist. We love helping out with any odd jobs you may have. If you’re getting older and don’t have the strength or energy don’t stress. We love helping the elderly and injured, we make life easy with our helping hand. With a variety of services, we aim to meet each of our client’s individual needs. We offer general and skilled labour. General labour the more basic type jobs, lifting, digging anything requiring minimal tools if any. Skilled labour covers plumbing, carpentry, demolition and everything in between. Free estimate are available upon request, no job is too small and no job is too big. All estimates are based on our hourly rates.



Are you Looking to hire a new employee, on a temporary or permanent basis contact Labour Maxx, the labour specialist. We can aid you with your search. Our professionally trained staff members are here to offer your business solutions to any staffing needs you may have. Our employees enjoy top rate compensation for a job well done as we are able to retain and receive applications from the highest qualified applicants. We have taken the first step at achieving excellence. No successful company can become successful without a great team of professionals behind them.  


Always Hiring:

Don’t waste your time with the other so called “fair wages, or honest day wage “claims from other staffing agencies. We value all our employees & treat them with respect and fairness. General labour starts at $13.50hr and every employees receives a 6month assessment where an increase in wage of $0.00 to $1.00 with a maximum increase in wage of $2 each year. At Labour Maxx we embrace and reward the idea of long term commitment to our labour team. 


Recycling Program:

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